Stadium and Arena LightingAPL exceeds the brightness levels and energy efficiency of traditional lighting fixtures. Fully directional light from a single point source results in the ability to tailor the light to the area, putting the light where it is needed with greater uniformity, which results in increased visibility and safety. The adjustability of the reflector enables even poorly placed poles to be used with greater effectiveness. The full spectrum quality of the light increases visual acuity and enhances clarity and sharpness of vision, desirable for both safety and quality of images (a high CRI leads to better quality video and still pictures, with vibrant colours and greater detail). Longevity of Switch Lighting technology results in lowered maintenance and replacement costs. A five year warranty provides reliability and confidence in all products and fixtures.


Switch Swarm Fixture SeriesSwitch Lighting’s Plasma represents the most innovative and reliable solution in high output, energy-efficient entertainment lighting. Switch’s Swarm products specifically designed for arena and stadium lighting provide reliable, bright, high colour quality, low-power fixtures that represent the breakthrough alternative to old legacy fixtures and inadequate LEDs. Switch’s Swarm product line offers 50% power savings in 1-to-1 fixture replacements, five times the bulb life, no loss in output, and significantly reduced spill. Switch is the technically superior alternative to achieve improved fan experience and cost savings in the world of sports and entertainment lighting.

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