In APL technology, light emanates from a single, small point source. Using this inherent feature, plus custom designed reflectors, light becomes completely directional, putting more lumens “on the ground” where they are needed, with a greater degree of uniformity. Based on this flexibility, existing lamp poles may not need to be replaced to experience an overall street lighting upgrade. As well, in new construction, poles can be spaced further apart, resulting in even greater savings. With the broad spectrum profile of the light generated by APL technology, there is enhanced clarity and sharpness of vision due to the increase in the number of emitted wavelengths within the visible light spectrum.

By comparison, traditional lighting choices provide a much narrower band of wavelengths which diminishes visual acuity. Even though traditional lights cast large quantities of lumens, much of the energy is wasted by light going where it is not needed, by glare or by hot (bright) spots surrounded by very dim light levels.

Advanced Plasma Lighting fixtures provide a positive solution to these traditional problems. APL fixtures provide a superior quality, power efficient light source resulting in savings of 50% to 87% compared to existing lighting systems. Ideal for outdoor use, Switch Advanced Lighting’s APL is weather tolerant (rated for service from +45 C to -45 C). Maintenance is simplified with easy retrofitting and a 50,000 hour bulb life.


Anaheim Starbucks - Outdoor Plasma LightingAnaheim Starbucks considered both induction and LED solutions to replace their standard metal halide parking lot lights, but were convinced to use APL once they saw Plasma first-hand and understood the light intensity, uniformity and efficiency achievable with Plasma. Switch Advanced Lighting’s APL solution delivered the light performance and quality needed to enhance the retail experience and attract customers while contributing to Starbucks’ sustainability goals.

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