Switch Advanced Lighting is bringing to market Advanced Plasma Light (APL) fixtures. Technically defined, APL is a high efficiency, electrode-less, full spectrum, metal halide plasma lighting system. Advanced Plasma Lighting uses a proprietary mixture of noble gases, primarily argon with trace amounts of metal halides, contained in a single, small quartz glass capsule. A low-level, radio frequency (RF) field, delivered to the capsule via a shielded coaxial cable stimulates the capsule, generating an immense amount of directional, full spectrum light.


  • 100,000 hour lifespan with one recommended bulb change at 50,000hrs – translates to nearly 12 years running 24/7
  • No electrodes results in stability, zero mechanical problems and rapid start & re-strike
  • Brilliant white light closely resembles sunlight spectrum
  • Reduces maintenance costs on bulb and ballast replacement
  • High lumen retention that does not dim or change color over time
  • Dimmable to 20% with either analog or digital controls
  • Individually dedicated IP Address per fixture
  • Proven performance in even harsh climate conditions
  • Uniquely customizable to work with various lighting systems ranging from 110v – 480v
  • Easily remove and replace existing fixtures with the APL system via existing conductor wires
  • Dark Sky Compliant
  • 1/5 heat output compared to traditional HID reduces HVAC load