Switching to highly efficient lights is only half of the equation. Through utilizing the best control system, there can be up to an additional 80% savings by eliminating wasted light. This is not only energy savings, but also greatly increases the lifetime of lights that are dimmed and turned off. There can also be many other benefits to control systems, ranging from monitoring the exact energy use from anywhere in the world, to dimming the lights just the right amount for that presentation. Applying occupancy, photocell, timing and daylight harvesting methods, we put the right amount of light where you need it, when you need it. No longer will you worry about the lights being left on. We guarantee that any control solution we sell will pay for itself.


Echelon controls are some of the most advanced, configurable, and reliable lighting control systems in the world today. Not only is it more advanced, but is also cheaper to implement especially in medium to large-scales. Echelon utilizes power line communications technology which works by sending signal over standard electrical wiring. This means no extra wires need to be run in order to implement a control system, saving valuable installation time and costs. In daylight harvesting applications, zones can be set up for each desired group of lights to dim when there is some daylight available, or turn off when there is plenty of natural light present. This process ensures a consistent, custom level of brightness in a given zone with maximum energy savings. Echelon controls also offers many other abilities, from timing light cycles according to an astronomical clock, to having reports or alerts if the lights are left on too long and being able to remotely turn them off, or to even a simple occupancy sensor system. The possibilities are just about infinitely customizable with Echelon. By far the most capable system in our installs, Echelon is our preferred source when choosing a control system to fit the needs of our clients.


Screen-Shot-2013-10-29-at-5.40.39-PM2Venture’s LeafNut™ system is an advanced intelligent wireless control system for area or street lighting. Utilizing an off-site server, software allows for the control and reporting of lighting systems implemented in nearly any location. LeafNut devices are designed for all weather operation and long life, proved by its now wide deployment across North American and European Countries. Leafnut systems provide much capability with peace-of-mind operation, saving on both electricity and maintenance costs, ensuring an optimal ROI.


Hubbell Control SystemsProviding some of the most widely used, simple and reliable controls, Hubbell Building Automation is a go-to solution for many companies in North America. Hubbell offers anything from in-wall occupancy sensors for one room, to full wireless control networks for an entire building that can suit almost any need. The more advanced systems offered by Hubbell can even provide reporting metrics, ensuring your energy savings are at their maximum. Providing some of the most user-friendly controls and sensors on the market, we are confident clients will be satisfied with the results of Hubbell controls.