The major focus of SALS is to be the go-to organization for solid-state lighting, making them the norm for industry, commercial and street lighting in Canada. We are focused on the greening of all sectors of the lighting industry, using many great innovations in Solid-State lighting, including Plasma, LED and Controllers.Contact Us For More Information

Our Inspiration

Nikola TeslaNIKOLA TESLA — 1856-1943

INVENTOR: One who refines pre-existing technology/principles

DISCOVERER: One who creates entirely new principles

Nikola Tesla was a true Discoverer of New Principles first and foremost. His revolutionary ideas were so far ahead of their time, we are only now realizing most of them to their full potential over 100 years later. Tesla’s discovery of wireless Lighting Technology forms the basis of plasma lighting. At Switch Lighting, we are inspired by this and want to acknowledge him for his incredible genius and fortitude. We have honoured him by placing his image in our logo and our desire is . . . the world will come to know more about this mostly unknown Visionary.

Our Concept

Switch Advanced Lighting Solutions is a strategic partnership of product development, sales, marketing, construction and green technology experts who use their expertise, connections, and industry knowledge to promote, sell and install only the very best in green solid state lighting solutions. As the exclusive Canadian representative of many LED and Plasma products, we do have a large focus on creating strong bonds in the industrial, commercial and street lighting sectors. Another advantage of solid state full spectrum lighting is that it simulates the natural essence of the sun’s light creating higher quality environments. The visionary work of Nikola Tesla has been the inspiration for the principles of SALS. Now, more than ever we see the need for better solutions in power consumption, starting with the first thing everyone sees . . . LIGHT!