Switch Lighting is a Premier Source for Green Advanced Lighting Solutions in Canada

Switch Advanced Lighting Solutions aims to provide the best, reliable, quality lights that both save money and help save the planet. We are constantly evolving our products and product range to provide the best solutions to not only meet, but also exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. A leader in the solid-state lighting industry, Switch Lighting is focused on design, manufacture and implementation of lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, education, sporting, hospitality, and many other applications. These solutions include direct fixture replacement and retrofitting of existing fixtures with advanced solid-state lighting products. Started by bringing Advanced Plasma Lighting to Canada, Switch Lighting is set on providing turnkey solutions with exceptional value and customer support to our clients around the globe.


Through our partnership with RBC, we are able to provide unique financing programs to not only offset the cost of an Advanced lighting system, but completely cover the entire system and installation costs! Possible through energy and maintenance savings alone, we are able to even provide a positive cashflow directly to you each month, even after the financing payment is made. This means not only is the new, high quality lighting free, but Switching your lights actually pays you from day one. Contact us to find your Solution!

Plasma - The Future of the Light

Plasma: The Light Of The Future

Switch Advanced Lighting is an industry leader in the sale and distribution of Advanced Plasma Light (APL) fixtures. Learn more about this exciting new light solution.

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LED Lighting

LED Lighting Solutions

LEDs are both efficient and long-lasting. Switch carries quality LED products for any application needed

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Innovative Control Systems

Innovative Control Systems

Controllers both add functionality and reduce wasted power. Switch provides carefully selected control systems that fit to your solution.

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“The led and plasma lighting project has improved our classroom teaching and learning abilities as well as enhanced our lighting throughout the facilities.” – Read The Article
Administration, West Island College